Design Freely

Collaborate Fluidly

Trim Rework

End Scatter

The Powers of Xunto

Badass eLearning Storyboarding

  • Design brilliant storyboards in one place, at any time, with all components, under one single hub.

Reduce the Friction of Collaboration

  • Empower your team with rapid communication and feedback, where everything in Xunto is a ground for collaboration.
  • Follow your team with assignment tracking, audit trails and history changes.
  • Parallelize work by allowing multiple people to work simultaneously.

Cut Out Reworks. Reduce Overhead.

  • Save time and headaches by assembling your team in a unified system for all your activities and deliverables.
  • React to changes and communicate them on the spot.
  • Embed guidelines and instructions to reduce reworks and fit the project’s scope.

End the Wild Goose Chase

  • Cut out frustrations, do away with endless external searches.
  • Bring all your files together in one centralized hub for quick access.

Leave Office Templates Behind

  • Visual (PowerPoint) or text-based (Word) Storyboarding, why settle on one when you can have both?
  • Develop and embed visual mockups while fully defining content using specialized data blocks.
Active Members
Active Projects

  1. Small Team
    per month

    3 Active Members
    5 Active Projects
    50GB Storage
    Personal Dashboard
    Curriculum Design
    Centralized Repository
    Preview & Export
    Activity Stream
  2. Agency
    per month

    10 Active Members
    15 Active Projects
    500GB Storage
    All features from Small Team+
    Project Status Board
    Page Templates
    Storyboard Page History
  3. Enterprise
    Unlimited Active Members
    Unlimited Active Projects
    Dedicated Storage
    All features from Agency+
    Priority Support
    Personalized Onboarding

We Are Xunto

At Okapya Software Solutions, we love creating products where technology does the heavy lifting, freeing more time for you to do what matters most. As such we are bent on revolutionizing how eLearning storyboarding is done by putting an emphasis on team collaboration.

Our president spent years pioneering new approaches and creating tools for both instructor led and self-paced training in the aviation industry. It’s while discussing with an ISD friend about the complexity of storyboarding that the idea of Xunto was born: an eLearning Storyboarding hub that brings everyone on the same page.

Our Mission

To reduce the headaches and overhead of eLearning storyboarding, allowing you to create the blueprint of any course, module or lesson. Empower users with genuine team collaboration so that training content is painlessly designed on time and on budget.

Our Vision

To provide the tools that remove the friction of collaboration, leaving you with more time to be creative and design “Badass” eLearning content.